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with Client Acquisition Automation

The growth cloud is a client acquisition automation platform trusted by thousands of B2B services companies who want to automate client acquisition and grow at Inc 500 speeds.

Acquire Perfect Clients Faster

Inside the Growth Cloud you have access to strategic support, plug and play templates and multiple software applications in one to help your team acquire more clients with automation.

Centralize and Automate
Client Acquisition Operations

The Growth Cloud is your all-in-one tech stack for automating your client acquisition operations with the following "stacks" to increase revenue.
Appointment Setting Stack: Automate Business Development to Generate Qualified Leads and Book Sales Appointments on Autopilot
Save 10+ hours per week and replace your $60,000+ per year SDR with our software and book qualified appointments faster. Use our web app to build prospect lists in minutes. Use our plug and play templates to customize copy and launch campaigns that convert within minutes.
Design & Development Stack: Build Beautiful Sites & Funnels That Convert Within Minutes
Save months of time and over $60,000 per year on web designers and developers with our no-code site and funnel building app that makes Clickfunnels users hang their heads in shame. With our app you can build beautifully designed websites & funnels that convert visitors into educated, ready to buy clients, without code in minutes.
Training Stack: Access Plug & Play Templates to Launch Faster with the New Model Resources Library (Q2 2022 Release Date)
Get access to 100+ in-depth B2B guides, training, SOP’s and templates responsible for generating many hundreds of millions in revenue.
Sales Stack: Email Marketing, CRM & Workflow Automation (2022 Release Date)
Component#5: Operations, Projects and Task Management Application (2022 Release Date)
Component#6: Client Portal & Management Application (2023 Release Date)

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Client Acquisition Automation?

Get started monthly or save annually to become a part of history as a founding member! All users receive complimentary access to our vetted community of designers, developers and growth consultants. Save 20% when you pay in approved cryptocurrency.
Your Investment Is Risk Free Thanks To Our-Industry Leading Guarantee
If you implement our software and processes exactly as prescribed, we guarantee a minimum 2X ROI within 365 days or we will refund you 200% of what you originally paid.
25 Spots Available
Client Acquisition Automation
Per Month Per Seat
Put Client Acquisition and Business Development on Autopilot So You Can Focus on Growing Your Company While You Generate Leads Effortlessly.
SOP’s & Templates to Build and Manage Your In-House Appointment Setting Team 
Collect and Build Highly Targeted, Verified Prospect Lists for Email Outreach Based on Your Target Client Avatar
Launch and Automate Outreach to Flood Your Pipeline
Proven Email Outreach Copy Template Library to Launch Campaigns Within Minutes That Generate Qualified Appointments
Bi-Weekly Office Hours
25 Spots Available
Website & Funnel Builder
Per Month Per Seat
Build Beautifully Designed Websites & Funnels That Convert Visitors Into Educated, Ready to Buy Clients, Without Code in Minutes
Select and Customize Your Pages with Built-In Design Templates to Create Your High-Converting Website and Funnel
Select and Customize Your Pages with Built-In Copy Templates Proven to Build Brand Authority and Generate Sales
Simple, Zero-Code Web and Funnel Builder Allows You to Launch Proven Websites and Funnels in Minutes

* Limited Time Bonuses
for Early Adapters

When you sign up as an early adapter you are helping your company (and others like it) work smarter and prevent burnout, making our world a happier place. To show our appreciation, when you sign up as an Early Adapter you will get access to the following resources worth over $25,000 to help your company increase revenue and save time!
Invite-only Community to Build Lifelong Connections with New Clients, Partners & Teammates
All software users will be invited to join our community of 2,000+ ambitious, forward thinking B2B agency owners and consultants!
Learn Everything You Need to Get Results this Week Inside the New Model Acquisition course.
All software users will receive complimentary access to an interactive course to help you get results as soon as this week by implementing the new model for client acquisition.
Inbound and Outbound Sales Playbook Walkthrough Training
So your team is equipped to close prospects at any stage, from any channel. Our client Joris Byron (Dexter, CRO Services) signed an $24,000 client in a single call using this process.
Fast Track Your Time to Results with a 15 Minute Coaching Call Led by an Expert
Book a 15 minute New Model coaching call to avoid mistakes and get results faster.
All software users are able to schedule a 15 minute New Model coaching call so they can avoid mistakes and get results faster. During the call, an expert will ask you a few questions then share best practices, case studies plus a personalized roadmap to build your client acquisition system in 60 days or less!
Daily ROI & Value Optimization (1440 Method) Checklist
To ensure that your team is investing their precious time into the highest value and ROI generating activities every day, while eliminating or delegating everything else so you can reach your company growth goals faster. 
  1. This daily practice helped our client Jon Maxim save 5+ hours per week and allowed  him to grow from a solo freelancer to Inc #28 fastest growing  agency and signing $500,000+ monthly deals within a few  years.
High Impact Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Template
To ensure that your team is investing their precious time into the highest value and ROI generating activities every day, while eliminating or delegating everything else so you can reach your company growth goals faster. 
  1. Our operations advisor Tyler Gillespie built and sold  two  companies in less than one year by everaging a high impact weekly team meeting process.

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Looking for more hands-on support instead of software? For qualified firms, we offer 1:1 coaching and fully managed growth, backed by a 2X ROI guarantee.
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